小松大 フィドル
なりたしのぶ アイリッシュハープ


◉小松大 フィドル

◉なりたしのぶ アイリッシュハープ
ハープ奏者として、ソロ演奏を始め、オーケストラや合唱団、演劇のサポート演奏などを数多く行う。2019年に日本人ハープ奏者としては初めてFleadh Cheoil (フラー・ヒョール/アイルランド国際音楽コンクール)本戦に出場。‘20年12月、CCE Japan主催・オンライン音楽コンペティションのハープ部門で金賞。‘21年8月 アイルランドのスライゴーで行われたフラー・フェスト本戦では準優勝する。‘22年にはFleadh Cheoilのハープ・ソロ部門、スローエア部門本戦に出場。‘21年公開されたJ.Harbison制作フィルム”Colmcille”にはソロ奏者としてクレジットされた。

Dai Komatsu, Fiddler
Dai came across Irish traditional music in 2004 and visited Ireland 2 years later and stayed in county Clare where the traditional music is prosperous. There he studied traditional music from the well-known local fiddle player Pat O’Connor.

 He performed on the biggest stage of St. Patricks’ Day in Tokyo in Yoyogi Park in 2018,19,23.

In 2019, he established, a company which produces music events and it has produced several outside events in various places. The company also was in charge of some important promotion of the Rugby World Cup 2019.  he studied at the Aichi University of Arts.

Shinobu Narita, Harpist
As a harpist, she performs solo and in support of orchestras, choirs and theatre productions on numerous occasions. She also runs ‘Harp Clubs’ in Mitaka City, Saitama City and Tsukuba City, where she teaches harp performance from young children to senior citizens. She has conducted more than 60 ‘online harp clubs’ to date, sharing the traditions and trends of Irish harping, and organising harp sessions to enjoy the repertoire.
She is the first Japanese harpist to compete in the Fleadh Cheoil (Fleadh Cheoil/Irish International Music Competition) main competition in 2019. December ’20 Gold prize in the harp category of the CCE Japan organised online music competition. Aug ’21 Second prize at Flead Fest in Sligo, Ireland.
She graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in instrumental music (harp) and completed a master’s degree in instrumental music (harp). She is a member of the Japan Society for Music Education, the Japan Harp Society and the Musicians’ Association of Ireland.


Ireland Day〜音楽と詩でふれるアイルランド〜(2023)、在日アイルランド商工会議所主催イベント(2023)、世界人事会議記念晩餐会(2023秋予定)